Studio Vrijdag is a graphic design agency based in Utrecht,
with a comprehensive range of skills. The studio is all about
clear, functional and intelligent design with a continuous
focus on typography, material and colour. Vrijdag produces
visual communication and branding for educational
cultural institutions, corporations and the
self-employed… more

Studio Vrijdag Westerkade 30 3511 HC Utrecht T 06 43694080

Allart van Everdingen – The Rugged Landscape

In 1644 a young Alkmaar artist, Allart van Everdingen, spent a few months travelling around Norway. Back in Holland, he used his impressions of the Scandinavian landscape in paintings, drawings and prints. But he had more to offer: dramatic seascapes and river views, typical Dutch landscapes and etchings illustrating the tale of Reynard the Fox. Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar presents the first retrospective of this multifaceted artist. Apart from the overall typography and graphic design, Studio Vrijdag made illustrations of the animals mentioned in the tales. You’ll find them on the wall with flock-print on top! And then there’s merchandise too. On until 16 January 2022.

photography: Roel Backaert